05 August 2009


Fake killers face re-trial

After seven and a half months of freedom, Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun are scheduled to go back to court on August 17.

The Appeals Court has been instructed by Cambodia's Supreme Court to re-investigate the charges against them: that they murdered Chea Vichea on January 22, 2004. It is on that charge that they served nearly five years in prison.

From VoA coverage:

“I want the case to end soon because I am innocent,” Born Samnang told VOA Khmer. “I have done nothing. I am waiting for the court to pass its judgment.”
Whatever the outcome of this new hearing, it will be yet another trial related to Chea Vichea's murder in which has nothing to do with the murder itself. As we show in Who Killed Chea Vichea?, the police immediately set about framing these two men, apparently to the exclusion of carrying out any real investigation.



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