22 August 2008


Vichea's brother receives threat

Chea Mony, who succeeded his brother Chea Vichea as president of the Free Trade Union in Cambodia, received a death threat by e-mail on Monday, according to The Cambodia Daily and other news sources. The articles are posted here, along with this text from the message:

“If you join the CPP, you can find Chea Vichea’s killers, but if you join the SRP, everything will be the same ... I don’t advise you which way to walk, but you need to have some powerful people behind you to protect your security, otherwise [people] will follow to assassinate you.”

Vichea was assassinated several months after receiving a death threat by text message on his mobile phone. We don't want a sequel.


21 August 2008


Independent Film Week info

We will be presenting on Wednesday, September 17, at 11:30am in Microcinema 1.

Industry representatives are requested to contact us for more information.


(Please note: This is not a public screening of Who Killed Chea Vichea?, but a presentation of the unfinished project to potential buyers and distributors.)

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