28 January 2008


Year Five begins

Today Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun begin a fifth year in prison. Their parents begin a fifth year of scraping together the money to visit them, a fifth year of wondering what they did wrong that their sons should be imprisoned for a crime they had nothing to do with.

The human rights group Licadho's statement is here, and a joint statement by other Cambodian NGOs is here (pdf).

We hope that Who Killed Chea Vichea? can somehow help lead to their freedom, and in some small way, to lives free from fear for all Cambodians.


22 January 2008


Memorial ceremony

This morning in Phnom Penh a hundred or more people gathered to lay a wreath near the newstand where Chea Vichea was murdered four years ago (see photos). They also asked the government and courts to re-open the investigation.

"We dismiss Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun as Chea Vichea's killers," said Vichea's brother, Mony.

Since Brad has footage of this ceremony from past years, we didn't go to Cambodia to film it, but our thoughts are with Vichea's family members and the workers he represented.

Radio Australia aired a pretty good (if brief) update on the case, with comments from opposition leader Sam Rainsy and also Sara Colm of Human Rights Watch. Also, seven human rights and labor groups issued a joint statement calling for the release of Samnang and Sam Oeun.



21 January 2008


Four years on

Bradley Cox is interviewed as part of a long story on Chea Vichea, to be broadcast on Radio Free Asia sometime this morning (Cambodia time), Jan 22, the fourth anniversary of the assassination.

There should also be an article on RFA's site, with a variety of interviews with people involved with the case. We're not sure if there will be an English version of all this; if there is, it would be here.

No word that I've seen on whether the government will allow the
workers to march on Jan 25 as they have requested.

Although apparently the Cambodian police had a nice little crackdown on an effort to have a Darfur-related rally at the Tuol Sleng genocide museum. See 'Go protest in Darfur,' Cambodia tells Mia Farrow.

The mind reels.


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13 January 2008


Vichea's brother plans huge rally

Voice of America reports that Chea Mony, who is now the president of the garment workers' union, has requested permission for a rally of 100,000 people in Phnom Penh, to mark the fourth anniversary of his brother's assassination. It will be interesting to see if such permission is forthcoming.


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