15 April 2009


Remembering Mr. Vuon Phon

We are saddened to report the passing of Mr. Vuon Phon, of Takeo province, on Sunday April 12. He lived to see the release of his son Sok Sam Oeun from prison just a few months ago.

Mr. Phon's insights remain a great contribution to Who Killed Chea Vichea?. Brad interviewed Mr. Vuon several times for the film. He writes:
"He was a class act. He always impressed me with his dignity, his wisdom and his tenacious devotion to his son. I enjoyed his company immensely. I've met many good people while working on this project, but I admired Vuon Phon greatly. Another friend described him as majestic. I think it's a good word. He will be missed."
We extend our condolences to Sam Oeun and to the rest of his family.

Photo still ©2006 Loud Mouth Films



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