16 October 2008


Tax-deductible, that's what we are...

...tax-deductible, though near or far—OK, that's enough singing for now.

The excellent organization Asia Catalyst has agreed to be our fiscal sponsor, so contributions to Who Killed Chea Vichea? are now tax-deductible. If that's why you've been holding back, you have no further excuse.

We're asking you to contribute what you can to our newly created WKCV Project. The project will not only help finish the film, but also will fund additional translations, teaching materials, and our efforts to bring the film to some key audiences. People in Cambodia being a high priority, for example.

Your support is what's going to get the story of Chea Vichea told, and help the effort to free Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun from prison. And since our ITVS funding is tied to our other fundraising efforts, your donation is getting matched, in effect.

Contributing is easy, and it'll make you feel so good, too. Just click DONATE and you'll see how to mail in a check or put it on your credit card. Paper or plastic, it's up to you.

That link again: DONATE

What, you're still here? Would more singing help? How about if I don't sing? OK, we've got a deal then!

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