08 September 2008


Public television comes through!!!

Big, big news for Who Killed Chea Vichea?—Jeffrey just called to announce that the public television funding we applied for in May has been approved!

That means ITVS, which funds public TV programming in the US, is going to cover our post-production expenses with matching funds from its LINCS program, so we can edit and produce a one-hour version of the documentary—and in all likelihood it will be shown on public television stations here in the US.

It also means we'll be able to display this:

In the documentary world that means a lot. It's hard to describe what a validation this is for our work, especially Brad's work, and for the struggles of so many in a far corner of the world that sometimes feels forgotten. Chea Vichea gave his life to the struggle four years and eight months ago, and Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun have been in their cells nearly as long.

Now, thanks to ITVS, our partner WGBH Boston, and many of you (not just those acknowledged here), we know that their story will come out, will come to the people who buy the clothes that garment workers in Cambodia make, and will come to those garment workers too. And it will come to you!

It's a relief, too. As of last week, we moved the editing operation from Brad's apartment in Bangkok to a small editing suite at Goldcrest Post in New York, with Will Barton editing. Post-production isn't cheap, and this funding is going to make the difference between a shoestring operation and a serious production.

I should also mention that in addition to the one-hour version ITVS is funding, we are still planning to produce a feature-length version of Who Killed Chea Vichea? for festivals, screenings in and out of the US, and international distribution. So the funding effort doesn't end here.

But wow, what a leap forward this is!



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