24 July 2008



I'm writing this from Narita airport in Japan, on my way back from Bangkok, because I want to share some great news: 'Who Killed Chea Vichea?' has been shortlisted for ITVS funding we applied for last month.

(For those who don't know, normal people I mean, ITVS is the main funder for public television programming in the US. It gets its money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, i.e. the American public.)

Ours is one of 30 proposals in the running. If we get approved, it will mean major funding for all the work ahead of us putting the movie together, extensive broadcast in the US -- and a big load off our minds!

And there's more. We've also been selected to present 'WKCV' at Independent Film Week this September. That's to present the project, not show the film -- it's not done yet!

IFW is where films including 'Maria Full of Grace,' 'Born Into Brothels' and 'Mad Hot Ballroom' were presented to potential partners.

These are both big votes of confidence. Now it's going to be a busy month preparing for the next ITVS round and getting ready for Independent Film Week ... and that's on top of putting together a rough cut for the International Doc Fest in Amsterdam.

Wow, OK, deep breath.



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