22 February 2008


Progress report

Although shooting is probably 95% complete, there's always more to do.

Brad has been traveling the world shooting additional material for the film, including a stop here in Philadelphia where we picked up some footage of the kind of container ports where Cambodian-made garments arrive, and the retail stores where they are sold (at low, low prices!). He also made a couple of stops in Europe, where he interviewed several people who know a lot about the case and about how things really work in Cambodia, behind the scenes. I'm sorry I can't go into details at this point, but it's good stuff. [You can see some of it in the new trailer.]

Meanwhile, I'm talking to lots of people about funding and distribution, trying to find a way to make sure this process can move ahead quickly. It seems the key is to advance on all fronts, simultaneously, and at full speed.



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